Carleton Eastlake

CARLETON EASTLAKE began his career in creative writing while an undergraduate at UCLA when he served as a staff writer for a California Assemblyman’s campaign.

He has an undergraduate degree from UCLA in political science and psychology and graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School with a concentration in law and the social sciences.

After a career in public policy and consumer protection law including work at NASA, the Federal Trade Commission, and in private practice, he broke into Hollywood as a writer of science fiction, crime, and espionage dramas. Being hired as a producer on Steven Spielberg’s series seaQuest confirmed him as a science fiction writer-producer.

He has shared in an Edgar Award and Saturn Award. After spending eight years on the Board of the Writers Guild of America West he now sits on its Membership and Finance Committee. He is a past President of PEN Center USA.

His wife Loraine Despres is a best-selling novelist, television writer, and tree-farmer. They live in California.

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